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The Real Property Safe Close Bundle

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* The definition of a 'resale home' is one that is ready for occupancy when the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is signed

Re: The Home Systems and Appliance Breakdown Insurance (Interior Warranty) Coverage

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6 Month Complimentary Real Property Safe Close Home Warranty

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1) HOMEBUYERS - Home Systems & Appliance Warranty Coverage
2) HOMEBUYERS - Home Systems Warranty Coverage 6 Month Extension

* Conditions:
15 Day Waiting Period from Closing/Purchase
$50 Deductible/Occurrence

3) HOMESELLERS - Home Systems & Warranty Coverage Only
4) HOMESELLERS - Home Systems Warranty Coverage 6 Month Extension

* Conditions:
30 Day Waiting Period from Firm/Closing Date
$75 Deductible/Occurrence

When do you want the waiting period to commence?
5) Home Closing Insurance (Provided to Home Buyer & or Home Seller)

* Conditions:
Confirmation, Documents to be received within 20 days of the firm date of the transaction
$300 Deductible

If a Seller Home Warranty is being purchased, please provide name of the Buyer's as it appears on Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

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